GRID: Autosport announced , releasing this year

GRID: Autosport announced , releasing this year

The wait is over , here’s Codemasters’ big announcement that has been teased few days earlier , GRID: Autosport , a new entry in the GRID series that will be releasing this year for PC,Xbox 360 and PS3 , along with a trailer and a handful of screenshots .

Codemasters said that Grid: Autosport is an attempt to fix the issues with the second installment of the game :

“While we were patching GRID 2 and releasing new content, we were busy gathering feedback. We devoured the comment threads under articles about GRID 2 on gaming websites, took stock of our reviews, and of course, digested all the comments on our social channels and forums where we received direct feedback. It’s this feedback that helped create GRID Autosport.

“If GRID 2 raced off into a more narrative-led world of racing with more accessible controls, it’s clear that for many of you, that wasn’t what you wanted or expected from GRID 2. So with GRID Autosport we had the opportunity to make a much more focussed motorsport game, a desire that many of you have expressed directly to us, and a game that in spirit goes back to some of our earlier titles in terms of content and handling.”

It’s also said that ‘Autosport’ is going to have the biggest amount of content in a GRID game yet , while keeping the past features and offering an authentic racing experience. additional features include long night drives and according to the published screenshots, we’ll see a return to the beloved Cockpit view .
The developing studio also added that the PC version is going to be the leading version, so it won’t be a downgraded console port, and about not supporting the next-gen consoles , the developers said that when it’s releasing a next-gen GRID game , they want to make sure that it’s true next gen with the best they can get , so there’s no need to worry about that and a next gen GRID game will be announced when the team feels that it’s ready for it .

GRID: Autosport is releasing in 27th of june this year , for the PC , xbox360 and the PS3.

I’ll leave you now with the trailer and some of the revealed screenshots :

GRID_autosport_14 GRID_autosport_12 GRID_autosport_11 GRID_autosport_08 GRID_autosport_07 GRID_autosport_06 GRID_autosport_04 GRID_autosport_02

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