New ‘Fatal Frame’ game in works for the Wii U

New ‘Fatal Frame’ game in works for the Wii U

The famous classical Horror game in which you play as a girl investigating crime scenes and shooting pictures of ghosts to trap them in , Fatal Frame , is apparently coming back for the recent Nintendo console the Wii U.

According to a translation of a report from the japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are working closely on the new entry.

No pictures , release dates , or any other official informations have been revealed yet , most likely we’ll get to see something at the upcoming E3 which will hold lots of games announcements .

Last Fatal Frame game was ‘Fatal Frame 4: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse’ for the Wii in 2008 , it didn’t receive much popularity due to the fact it was exclusive to that console , it’s also worth to mention that there’s a movie based on the series is being shot right now and is to release in the japanese cinemas soon

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