Rumor: Bethesda is going to show Fallout 4 at E3

Rumor: Bethesda is going to show Fallout 4 at E3

E3 2015 might be the first event where we’ll officially hear of the very anticipated next installment of the apocalyptic open world RPG Fallout, as it’s been rumored that Bethesda will show a demo of Fallout 4 behind the closed doors.

The 20-30 minutes demo is to be shown to journalists in a closed event and not to be viewed publicly, but it’s still a great news for fans who’ve waited eagerly for a new installment ever since Obsidian’s New Vegas in 2010.

Fallout 4 had had lots of hype and rumors even back in 2008 before the release of Fallout: New Vegas and the rumors continue until this day. We’ve seen a teaser-website prank last year when one of the fans made us to believe a Fallout 4 reveal was inevitable, only to crush our hopes in the most brutal way in the end. It did however serve as a reminder of how much we need a new game in the series.

E3 2015 takes place in Conventions Center LA June 16-18.

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