Steam Summer Sales might come sooner than you expected

Steam Summer Sales might come sooner than you expected

It’s that time of the year again, when thousands of wallets scream in pain to their owners to stop buying games they probably will never play on PC gaming’s most popular digital platform, Steam. Yes, we’re talking about this year’s summer sales.

It’s well-known that Steam is always full of amazing deals all year long, but it’s these two events where it gets really crazy; Summer Sales and Winter Sales. The first of which might be coming in two weeks from now according to an official post by Valve made on the Russian social network VKontakte. Confirming that the sales are going to start June 11 and go on until the end of June 20.

If this year’s summer sale is anything like the previous ones, then the real end to it should be June 22 as there are Encore sales where companies participate in the last round of sales providing the best deals that were featured in the event for those who didn’t have the chance to get them first.

Were you holding off to buy some games until the Summer Sales arrive? share your plans with us.

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