Sony announces a new “Playstation 4” model with more HDD

Sony announces a new “Playstation 4” model with more HDD

We all saw that coming and now it’s official, Sony announced the new PS4 model with a HDD size of 1TB in addition to other features that might make you want to have this edition of the device.

The new model has a new storage of 1TB, and it will also be 10% lighter weighting in at 2.5kg. The power consumption is also lower in this model which results in less heat. The HDD cover of the console has different coating this time being Matt instead of the glossy Piano of the original console. It will be available in both black and white colors in Japan first then the rest of the world.

No official release date for North America or other parts of the world yet, but the new model comes this June in Japan then July 15 for Europe.

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