Activision: A return of Call of Duty games to the WWII period is certainly possible

Activision: A return of Call of Duty games to the WWII period is certainly possible

Have it gotten to your mind that maybe the most famous FPS of all time has had enough of the futuristic settings, especially with the upcoming Black Ops 3? Many other fans share you the same thinking…and in fact, people at Activision think that going back to the World War II period is a very possible option.

Gamers have spent years complaining about the market overflowing with WWII shooters like CoD, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Brothers in Arms to name a few, But never have they thought they’ll actually miss going back to those times. With the recent increase in futuristic games in the genre many fans are requesting Activision to go back to the WWII time period. And in an Interview with Activision’s CEO Eric Hirshberg he said that the developers are considering that option.

“There are these moments where certain ideas seem to be floating in the collective consciousness, and there are two ‘meteor hitting the earth’ movies in one summer and were both in production for years. Those kinds of things happen,” Hirshberg said, “so there’s definitely a chasing of innovation and new ideas within a well-worn genre that lead people to similar conclusions like changing time periods. And of course I think that opens up the opportunity for what is old is new again.”

Hishberg said that Activision has nothing to announce yet, and that the focus is currently on delivering Black Ops 3 in the best way possible.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is coming to PC, PS3/4 and Xbox One/360 November 6.

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