Mario levels are being built by this AI after watching Youtube videos

Mario levels are being built by this AI after watching Youtube videos

Robots are going to destroy humanity sooner or later…but for now they’re making Super Mario Bros levels. What looks like a science fiction is actually a reality where this AI is building various levels just by watching gameplay videos on Youtube.

Even though Mario Maker is coming soon to Wii U players by Nintendo, but this experiment has been going for a while now. Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology Research made a system that can take a copy of a Mario level and rebuild it after watching videos of players to analyze their play style and how many times do they spend on each section, only to end up building a logical and well-designed level. You can see two samples below:

This isn’t the first time where Artificial Intelligence had something to do with video games. We’ve seen earlier this month another experiment that saw a machine learning how to play video games and perfecting Super Mario SNES, called Marl/O. You can also watch how it works below as well. What a time to be alive.

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