Meet the Nintendo Playstation, the console that never saw the light

Meet the Nintendo Playstation, the console that never saw the light

Hardcore old gamers might have heard of this one before but this is the first time we ever see it in pictures. What might have been the first major collaboration between Nintendo and Sony in the world of video games right before the famous double-crossing at CES 1991.

It all started when the two firms had a deal in the Early 90’s, as Nintendo wanted a CD player in its console to play both Cartridges and CD games. That machine was decided to be the very first “Playstation” that we now know but it didn’t start production because of what happened between the two companies.

At CES 1991 Sony officially announced the Nintendo Playstation, only to be surprised that the other company stapped them in the back and made a deal with their famous Dutch rival Philips. It was one of the most famous double-crossings in video games’ history.

So how did this prototype pop-up on the internet? The answer is that one person had this laying in his house after his dad’s company went bankrupt and had to throw out boxes of junk, one of which belonged to his co-worker by the name of Olaf who used to work in Nintendo and had this prototype.

Watch the video and pictures below to this rare piece of history. The one that might as well have shaped the gaming future we live in as it is now being the reason of Sony breaking into the market of consoles.

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