Nintendo NX might enter early manufacturing this year

Nintendo NX might enter early manufacturing this year

Even though we haven’t heard a lot about Nintendo’s next console that will be codenamed “NX”, it looks like early models will start being produced as early as this year according to rumors.

The new console that will be rather innovative and not as “dull” as competing consoles according to Nintendo heads might start being manufactured for early models October this year for them to be sent to developers, according to a news website specialized in leaking mobile devices info.

The website claims that Nintendo will be teaming with Foxconn this time in making the console, and that the mass production will start May to June next year with an official release in July. This indicates that Nintendo might announce NX at E3 next year.

These are of course still rumors, but one thing is certain and that is the support will not stop for Wii U and 3DS according to Miyamoto with future titles like The Legend of Zelda U.

Wii U is the latest Nintendo console and was released in 2012.

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