Watch how Resident Evil 0 evolved throughout the years

Watch how Resident Evil 0 evolved throughout the years

From “Nintendo 64” to “Gamecube” and now for PC and current-gen consoles, this is the story of Resident Evil 0.

The project started as a prototype for Nintendo’s Nintendo 64 in 1999 and the only footage was shown at TGS 2000, before converting the project to the then-recently-announced Nintendo’s Gamecube to release on it in 2002. Ever since then fans had to pick up the Gamecube or emulate the game to enjoy the experience, not anymore with the recent announcement of Resident Evil 0 HD coming next year.

The new video will show you a comparison between the three different versions and how the game evolved since the Nintendo 64. Watch below.

Resident Evil 0 HD comes Early 2016 for PC, Xbox One/360 and PS4/3.

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