WESG 2017 North Africa qualifications ended with winner from Algeria

WESG 2017 North Africa qualifications ended with winner from Algeria

The North American WCS 2017 World Championship has recently ended and we have a winner who will represent the Middle East at the main event.


Only four teams have reached the final stages of these qualifiers for North Africa, all of them are Arab teams from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Tunisia’s Hyper4mance teamed up against Atlas Lions from Morocco, defeating them in two consecutive maps with a total score of 2-0, and qualified directly for the finals.

The next match is a competition between two teams from Algeria, Viva Algeria and Limitless, and the match between them was a similar scenario to what we talked about in the previous game, where it ended here also a final result 2-0 for Viva Algeria, who also qualified for the finals.

The final battle for these qualifiers was a competition between a team from Algeria and another from Tunisia.  but The competition in fact did not end easily.

The battle started on the first map of Cobblestone, which the Tunisian team won a close match at 16-11, while the second map is Inferno and did not happen to be as the first, but was the key to the coup balance ended in the result 16-11 ironically but for the benefit of the Algerian team.

The second map was already the key to the coup. The competition has changed since it started, with the third map on the ground of Cache, which ended easily after being dominated by the Algerian team, ending at 16-5.

We got to the fourth and final map Train which did not give us any new episode of the series of competitions, but it ended with the same control and the same result where it stopped at 16-4.

Congrat to Viva Algeria on their win in the North Africa qualifiers, who also took home a $ 2,000 prize in addition to spot in the world finals, which is of course means a seat in the main and global event of WESG 2017.

We will remind you that the main event of the tournament will start on 12 March and continue until 18 March. There will also be a $ 1.5 million prize for only some of the 32 teams.

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