Sole WESG 2017 Arab team to play the hardest match of its career

Sole WESG 2017 Arab team to play the hardest match of its career

The real test of the Arab skills has finally arrived, with the official announcement of all the teams’  matches at WESG 2017.


As we’ve previously mentioned, there is only one Arab team that was able to qualify for the big event, thanks to their victory in the North African qualifiers for the tournament, which you find all the details and results in a previous article.

The Arab team is Viva Algeria from Algeria, and considering the upcoming games on March 13 and 14, tomorrow’s match will be a big challenge for them. because it will be a strong match against the famous French team known as Team EnVyUs. who earned a lot of awards and respect during their long career in the world of electronic sports.

Running from Tuesday to Sunday, the $1.5 million WESG event will begin with a best-of-one round-robin stage featuring eight groups, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the next stage.

The 16 remaining teams will then be split into four round-robin groups, but in this stage the matches will feature a best-of-two format. At the end of this stage, the top two teams from each group will earn spots in the single-elimination, best-of-three playoffs.

With Group H having been reduced to just two teams following the withdrawals of NOREG and EMC, MAX and ORDER have already booked spots in the next group stage, with their match being played only for seeding purposes. Group E, headlined by EnVyUs, is down to three teams after Ukraine decided to skip the tournament.

Below you can find the schedule for the first group stage:

Tuesday, March 13
05:00 Korea MVP PK vs. Thailand Alpha Red
05:00 Canada subtLe vs. Brazil TeamOne
05:00 Sweden GODSENT vs. Singapore B.O.O.T-d[S] Main Stream
05:00 Poland AGO vs. United States Swole Patrol
06:30 China ViCi vs. Spain Wololos
06:30 Belgium Belgium vs. New Zealand Parallax
06:30 France EnVyUs vs. Algeria Viva Algeria Main Stream
08:00 Korea MVP PK vs. Brazil TeamOne
08:00 Canada subtLe vs. Thailand Alpha Red Main Stream
08:00 Sweden GODSENT vs. United States Swole Patrol
08:00 Poland AGO vs. Singapore B.O.O.T-d[S]
09:30 China ViCi vs. Belgium Belgium
09:30 New Zealand Parallax vs. Spain Wololos Main Stream
09:30 France EnVyUs vs. South Africa Bravado
11:00 Korea MVP PK vs. Canada subtLe
11:00 Brazil TeamOne vs. Thailand Alpha Red
11:00 Sweden GODSENT vs. Poland AGO Main Stream
11:00 United States Swole Patrol vs. Singapore B.O.O.T-d[S]
12:30 China ViCi vs. New Zealand Parallax Main Stream
12:30 Belgium Belgium vs. Spain Wololos
12:30 Algeria Viva Algeria vs. South Africa Bravado
Wednesday, March 14
05:00 Brazil SK vs. Russia Russia Main Stream
05:00 Germany BIG vs. China New4
06:30 United States Cloud9 vs. Japan SZ Absolute
06:30 Sweden fnatic vs. Canada The Onliners Main Stream
06:30 Turkey Space Soldiers vs. Argentina Isurus
06:30 Indonesia Recca vs. France Limitless
08:00 Brazil SK vs. Germany BIG Main Stream
08:00 Russia Russia vs. China New4
09:30 United States Cloud9 vs. Canada The Onliners Main Stream
09:30 Sweden fnatic vs. Japan SZ Absolute
09:30 Turkey Space Soldiers vs. France Limitless
09:30 Indonesia Recca vs. Argentina Isurus
11:00 Brazil SK vs. China New4 Main Stream
11:00 Russia Russia vs. Germany BIG
11:00 Australia ORDER vs. China MAX
12:30 United States Cloud9 vs. Sweden fnatic Main Stream
12:30 Japan SZ Absolute vs. Canada The Onliners
12:30 Turkey Space Soldiers vs. Indonesia Recca
12:30 France Limitless vs. Argentina Isurus

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