WCA 2017 CS:GO ends with great presence from the Middle East

WCA 2017 CS:GO ends with great presence from the Middle East

WCA 2017 main event for CS:GO competition ended today, and therefore we got all the info about the leading teams.


Next Generation managed to maintain the fourth place despite losing, due to their previous victory yesterday against their opponent IMBA.SAS with a score of 2-0 also.

VG.Flash has been crowned champions of the WCA 2017 Finals after defeating TeamOne 2-0 (16-7 on Mirage, 22-19 on Train).

The title decider kicked off on Mirage, VG.Flash’s map pick, with TeamOne winning their CT pistol and following that up with an anti-eco. The Chinese side responded in a third-round buy, which marked the beginning of a six-round winning streak from them.

The Brazilians still won the ninth round, but YuLun “Summer”Cai and co. continued the defense in check to switch sides with a dominant 12-3 lead. TeamOne then found a lifeline on the map after securing their T-side pistol and both anti-ecos, but it was simply too little, too late, to stop the Chinese team from taking the map, 16-7.

VG.Flash, who were fielding Zhuo “advent” Liang for WeiJie “zhokiNg” Zhong, began their opponents’ map pick, Train, with a quick 3-0 lead as CTs. TeamOne replied with two successful B executions to break VG.Flash’s economy, but the Chinese squad still managed to get their fourth round on the board with nothing but pistols.

Nevertheless, TeamOne won a force-buy of their own and went on to grab the lead for the first time in the game. The game remained a back-and-forth affair, but the Brazilians strung the final three rounds of the half to bag a 9-6 lead.

VG.Flash picked up their Terrorist pistol in the second half, but TeamOne instantly countered them in a force-buy. After that, neither team was able to get a grip on the game until the 23rd round, when VG.Flash won five rounds in a row to secure a narrow 14-13 lead.

TeamOne then equalized the score, VG.Flash to call for a tactical pause. That inspired the Chinese side to hit 15 rounds, but Pedro “Maluk3” Campos and co. managed to take the map to overtime thanks to a triple-kill from the Brazilian sniper. VG.Flash would not let that get to them, however, and sealed the deal after two overtimes, 22-19.

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