1st PES 2015 tournament by ESME

1st PES 2015 tournament by ESME

Football players… Are you ready ?

Join eSports Middle East team in the first ever Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 ( PES 2015)  Tournament



Registration : FREE

Winner prize : NEXT GEN CONSOLE !

Date : Friday and Saturday (21-22 November)

Venue: IGN Convention Dubai – DIMC


Yalla see you there




A Protoss and Tekken Fanatic Spend his childhood pocket money playing Gameboy, Sakhr 170, Atari 2600, Sega, NES ect.. His signature move in SC were to unload Protoss weavers from a shuttle near your base and attack your workers while his Archons melting your base. When it comes to playing Tekken, you may leave your joystick.. sitback relax.. and watch King or Heihachi smashing your hero all over the arena..

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