Arcade-Exclusive Dissidia Final Fantasy may come to Playstation 4

Arcade-Exclusive Dissidia Final Fantasy may come to Playstation 4

After Square Enix’s announcement that a new Dissidia Final Fantasy fighting game is making its way to Arcades in Japan, many fans wished for it to come to their preferred console. Today’s news might be an indication that we may see it on the PS4 one day.

In a Closed Conference 2015 event, the game was revealed to be using Playstation 4 technology in development at Team Ninja according to Sony Computer Entertainment President Atushi Morita. He didn’t however confirm that the game would come to PS4 eventually.

Morita wishes fans to “first enjoy it in the arcades”, meaning it might come to another console in the future. We’ve already heard a Square Enix producer talk about the game coming to a console as he said development for that won’t begin until at least one year after the Arcade’s launch.

Watch the new trailer below. Dissidia Final Fantasy is now available at Japanese Arcades.

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