Amazon announces new mobile esports event Champions of Fire

Amazon announces new mobile esports event Champions of Fire

The competitive arena of e-sports continues to suffer from a semi-empty and dark area of smartphone gaming, but Amazon plans to change that.

Amazon announced the location, dates, and details on their next mobile esports tournament which is called Champions of Fire.

The tournament will take place early next month in New York City at Time Inc. Studios from December 2-3. The tournament will feature twelve different “gaming celebrities” competing for a portion of the $50,000 prize pool at stake. The tournament will be streamed live on Twitch as well as being shown on TV on the CBS Sports Network at a later date.

The following are the list of mobile games that players will compete in while at Champions of Fire:

In addition, these are the following “celebrity gamers” that will be competing with more names to be revealed soon:

  • Swiftor

  • NampaiKid

  • MystIc7

  • Northernlion

  • Hafu

  • Naomi Kyle

  • Avajaijai

  • xChocoBars

Amazon is hoping that the more accessible nature of games in the mobile scene will allow for more players to compete in gaming tournaments in the future. In a conversation last month, Amazon’s mobile esports lead Benjamin Gauthey said that he hopes these tournaments can be seen as video game festivals where gamers can come together and make new friends while enjoying the hobby that they all have in common.

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