DLC pack for “CoD: Ghosts” adds Snoop Dogg’s voice to the game !

DLC pack for “CoD: Ghosts” adds Snoop Dogg’s voice to the game !

If you were a fan of the hiphop legend “Snoop Dogg” , or a fan of the famous Call Of Duty:Ghosts , this weird -and funny- news piece might pique your interest .

It looks like the developing studio ‘Infinite Ward’ is going to release a new DLC pack for their game Call Of Duty: Ghosts that contains the voice acting of the famous artist Snoop Dogg as an announcer for Multiplayer matches.


This DLC pack is going to be available for Xbox360 and Xbox One in the 22nd of this month for a price of 3$.

you can watch the video by yourself and see snoop lending his voice to the game by reading the lines that were given to him .. after “snoopinizing” them himself and adding his own flavor to the mix … i will leave the comment for you , what do you think of snoop as an announcer ?

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