New characters are waiting for us with the latest Dota 2 update

New characters are waiting for us with the latest Dota 2 update

There is a major update to the game called Dota 2 and we know that it is called Dueling Fates.


This information came from the big finals of the Dota 2 International 2017 or as it called International 7, and has seen a lot of strong and interesting games as we mentioned in a full summary of the tournament.

The update will contain two new characters. The first is a giant cat warrior who uses a normal sword and wears a heavy armor with a protective robe behind his back and speaks with a accent that looks French.

As for the second character, it did not show much, but it seems to be a purple female creature, and it is not very clear the nature of its design or the style of its fighting against the first person. It shows that it holds a large pot in which a small circular purple creature appears to be its weapon. By launching it to start the attack and thus it can be said that this mysterious character has the ability to attack from a distance.

You can see this information in the new video launched by the developer on the subject, but mostly reviewed the first person and the method of direct and near-term combat did not show the second character only in the last seconds of the end.

Knowing that the entire video is just a cinematic portrayal of these characters and there are no gameplay scenes related to them at the moment.

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