Far Cry 4: Unprecedented Realism and lively world thanx to NVIDIA HairWorks

Far Cry 4: Unprecedented Realism and lively world thanx to NVIDIA HairWorks

One of the leading forces in the industry of making video games, NVIDIA is well-known for delivering high-end solutions to PCs all around the world. Whether you use your NVIDIA GPU for office works and watching High Definition videos or to play the latest video games, you can be assured that you’ll play every title in “The Way It’s Meant to be Played”…. as the company’s motto would say.

Some of you might have heard about the latest Technology NVIDIA is implementing into recent AAA titles, The NVIDIA HairWorks; A technology that simulates the movement of hairs and fur in real time. We’ve seen a demonstration of the tech before and how much realism and immersion it adds to the overall scene in your favorite games. Last year’s hit Call of Duty: Ghosts used HairWorks and we had the chance to see it in action with our fellow dog “Riley” and some packs of wolves in-game.

(The HairWorks technology demonstration which is used in several games like The Witcher 3, CoD: Ghosts and Far Cry 4)

Today we’re going to talk about the latest edition of the tech so far used in the Open-World FPS title Far Cry 4. A game that combines tight Gameplay mechanics with lush and vast environments and visuals thanks to the advanced Graphical Capabilities of Ubisoft‘s engine. And now with NVIDIA HairWorks support, you’re about to experience an unraveled journey never seen before.

FarCry4_ShangriLa_Tiger(An example of the realistic Hair/Fur simulation for animals in Far Cry 4 using HairWorks)

The new addition comes with the latest patch for the game. Now you can witness the wild life in Kyrat the way it’s meant to be viewed. With realistic simulation for Hair and Fur allowing for accurate movement of the strands with every move of the body in a realistic manner. 20 different variations were used on 8 different types of animals to suit their habits, lifestyle and roles in the game. Wolves have smooth hair movement while chasing on preys with over 315k strands of hair, while the Yak and wild tigers are also considered a good demonstration for the technology. The Yak’s long hairs are perfect for viewing HairWorks in action with over 160k strands and the Wild Tiger with its Cheeks Hair and body fur counting 190k strands.

ShangriLaTige(Wild ShangirLa Tiger in Far Cry 4)

YakInGame(Yak in Far Cry 4)

NVIDIA released its flagship Graphics Cards the GTX 980 and GTX 970 late this year, achieving the highest performance in the price range exceeding all expectations with powerful horsepower and low power consumption thanks to the new Maxwell architecture used in the 900 series. Mid-Range and Mainstream cards will be revealed and available for purchase later next year.


NVIDIA HairWorks as seen in Far Cry 4:

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