Fifa 16 and 17 are already in development

Fifa 16 and 17 are already in development

It’s no surprise that we have a Fifa game every 12 months, but did you know that EA are already working on Fifa 16 and 17 ?

Peter Moore from EA told CVG website in an interview about the development of Fifa games and how there are already teams planning for Fifa 16 and even 17.

“There are two phases to [development],” he said. “There’s the core game itself. We have several hundred people working on that and it’s a staggered development process, so there are already people working on FIFA 16.

“I think some people have the misconception that you finish the game and the entire team goes off for two weeks before starting on the next game, which isn’t how it works.

“You have parallel development that goes on where you have frontrunners that are thinking about what FIFA 16 is and in some instances FIFA 17 because there are development and engineering and tech decisions that need to be made.”

Fifa 15 is to be released on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in September.

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