Final Fantasy XV demo will take 3 hours to complete and isn’t related to the core story

Final Fantasy XV demo will take 3 hours to complete and isn’t related to the core story

Square Enix revealed some new information regarding the anticipated Final Fantasy XV demo which will be released with Type-0 HD next year.

The demo will be from an opening section of the game, Duscae region. but looks like what we’ll get our hands on will not be present in the full game, as the demo doesn’t follow the core game’s plot to avoid spoiling the full experience.

The gameplay length will be about 3 to 4 hours, that’s how much time it’ll take the player to explore everything while riding the vehicle, so of course it’ll take more if you wanted to explore on feet.

There will be at least one dungeon, there won’t be any boss fights but Square Enix promised fans that there will be something to have a “Huge Impact” over them.

The demo is based on a more advanced build than the one we saw in the latest TGS trailer, as that was about 70% of the game’s full graphical technology , demo will be about 80% of the finished game. Square Enix are also very proud of their weather system that was done to this game, you’ll notice how water pile on the characters’ clothes and hair and will dry when the sky is clear, there will also be a real-time day night cycle in game.

You can drive the car yourself as Noctis or you can give it to Ignis, you can also make the auto pilot drive as Noctis chat with his friends and enjoy the view.

Final Fantasy XV will be released for PS4 and Xbox One sometime, buyers of Type-0 HD on the same consoles will have a download code for the game in March 2015.

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