First Arabic character in the series “Shaheen” revealed for Tekken 7

First Arabic character in the series “Shaheen” revealed for Tekken 7

Series’s director Katsuhiro Harada revealed what’s believed to be the very first Arab character in the anticipated fighting game Tekken 7. A released 3D render confirms “Shaheen” as a new character to the Tekken world.

Not much was revealed but the fighter’s name “Shaheen” and that he comes from Saudi Arabia. Harada previously asked the Arab fans about what do they think of the prototype for the character and whether or not would they like the idea or not. He also said that an Arab character was in talks since 2008. However, the team’s lack of knowledge about Arabs and their culture stood in the way. It only came back to discussions after Harada’s visit to Saudi and UAE where he learnt more about the culture and clothes.

Tekken 7 releases this year for PS3 and Xbox 360 and it uses the amaing Unreal Engine 4.

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