Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator

Whether you’ve seen the huge wave that struck Youtube with videos about the game that caught the attention of the entire internet , or you were living under some rock, I’m glad to say that you’re about to experience one of the funniest games you’ve came across in this gaming generation … Goat Simulator .
The new title from ‘Coffee Stain’ Studios –who are known for their tower-defense game that got a new installment recently , ‘Sanctum’ – started as a joke and a small project done by the developers in their free time , surprisingly , what started as a joke video involving a goat running stupidly , jumping , and getting hit by cars , has became a viral video with almost 4 million views on Youtube as we speak and was met by a huge demand for this to become an actual game !

goat-simulator2 goat-simulator3

‘Coffee Stain’ Studios responded to the demands of the people of internet and made Goat Simulator an actual game , a very funny one . the sales were pretty good and the game got a big fame especially with Let’s Players channels on YouTube , the actual fun in the game resides in its hilarious unexpected moments and wonky physics of the goat and the stuff around it , accompanied by a lot of Bugs and glitches that were left by purpose in the game to add more to its funny , unexpected moments , the studio said they only fixed the game-breaking bugs but left all the funny ones in there to add to the player’s random goat journey experience.

goat-simulator4 goat-simulator5

Lick , Kick , and Head-butt your way to glory as the goat you’ve always wanted to be , I know well that this was your dream all along , wasn’t it ? find out for yourself when you try ‘Goat Simulator’ now on PC and enjoy the best moments alone or with friends watching you spread terror in the hearts of in-game humans as the destructive goat you are !

goat-simulator6 goat-simulator7
To watch the first viral alpha-build video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgTQglGvNUs
To watch the Release trailer involving a hilarious parody of the well-known ‘Dead Island’ Trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvWGLcdI8o8

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