Minecraft beats Dota 2 in the most number of online players

Minecraft beats Dota 2 in the most number of online players

One of the most famous games of this generation, Minecraft is surely breaking some records. As Mojang’s game recently claimed the title of the most players online beating out the likes of Dota 2 – Steam’s most played game.

“For the first time ever, we finally have the capability to see how many people are currently playing Minecraft right now. Holy crap,” Mojang developer Nathan Adams said on Twitter. “There are currently over 998,000 people playing Minecraft right at this moment. It is not even remotely close to being a peak time. I could have waited 5 minutes to say 1 million, but nobody would believe that.”

These numbers are for Online players in v1.3 and above for PC. So if we count the number of offline players and those who illegitimately play the game, the number can be a lot larger. Certenly beating Dota 2 which is yet to reach a peak of 1 million players on Steam.

Other news about Minecraft include the Pocket edition selling 30 million copies so far, and a Telltale spinoff called Minecraft: Story mode that tells a different story in the world of Minecraft.

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