Project Spark leaves beta and releasing this month

Project Spark leaves beta and releasing this month

Microsoft’s project that allows everyone to design their own games in a fun and easy way has left beta phase in preparations of the full release, rewards are waiting for those who were a part of that phase.

Project Spark developers Team Dakota have sent an email to everyone who participated informing that the beta is officially over and the “game” will be released October 7.

Everyone who has played the beta up until 11:59 of October 5 will get a rewards pack, and everyone who made something or purchased a tool will keep it and his account will turn into a full account.

Project Spark is a project coming to Xbox One and PC aiming to introduce easy ways of making your own games, the closest similar thing might be Sony’s Little Big Planet. It’s a free to play title and will release October 7 with the options to buy additional packs and tools that help further.

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