The results for the first day from DOTA 2 WESG 2017 grand finals

The results for the first day from DOTA 2 WESG 2017 grand finals

The first day of Group stage fighting at DOTA 2 WESG 2017 Grand Finals in China is over and we know the results of groups A, C, D and G.



Among the participants of the first group stage NiceOne, Rock.Y and Finland advanced to the second stage unbeaten.

EHOME defeated the Netherlands. EHOME had a good start and after team fight at the Rosh pit, they went straight to opponent’s base. SingSing’s team tried to defend, but Chinese squad took their victory.

The first part of the group stage is held at the BO1 format. Two of the best teams from each group will advance to the next round, attended by only 16 participants. Only 8 of them will advance to the playoffs.

Group A Results:

  • NiceOne 3-0
  • EHOME: 2-0
  • Netherlands 1-2
  • Unchained Esports 0-3

Group C Results:

  • Slice n Dice Esports: 2-1
  • Ulthima_Thule: 2-1
  • Team Leviathan: 2-1
  • Sweden: 0-3

Group D Results:

  • Rock.Y: 3-0
  • UAshki: 2-1
  • Alpha Red: 1-2
  • EVOS Esports: 0-3

Group G Results:

  • Finland: 3-0
  • HappyFeet: 2-1
  • Seventh Heaven: 1-2
  • Play 4 Fun: 0-3

We’d like to remind you that some of the matches will be held at the same time, so check the schedule for DOTA 2 WESG 2017 and join the broadcast with twitch channel.

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