Rumor -Capcom to show a “Major Game” for the PS4 at E3 2014

Rumor -Capcom to show a “Major Game” for the PS4 at E3 2014

According to a japanese news paper (Sankei Shimbum) , capcom is bringing “a major game of some sort for the PS4” at E3 in june 2014.

Theories online are predicting that this might be the new “Resident Evil 7” that has been teased earlier , although this comes in contrast with earlier rumour that the new resident evil game is going to be an Xbox One exclusive following the success of Dead Rising 3 … both are still rumors though.

Capcom’s last resident evil game , Resident evil 6 , was met with a critical reception from fans who were unhappy with what the series have become , so it’s expected that the new RE is going back to the horror roots this time .

As for my own opinion , i think the PS4 exclusive new capcom game is going to be Onimusha , it makes since right ? one can hope …

what do you think ? Onimusha , Dragon’s Dogma 2 , Dino Crisis , Devil may cry .. etc ?

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