Rumor – a new 2D Prince of Persia title in the work

Rumor – a new 2D Prince of Persia title in the work

Rumors are spreading about a new Prince Of Persia game that has been in the work at Ubisoft.

Reportedly , the new Prince of persia title is going to use ‘UbiArt’ engine .. the one that was used in Ubisoft’s latest successful 2D game “Rayman Legends” and in the upcoming 2D RPG “Child of Light” .

Ubisoft didn’t comment on the matter , as it ” does not comment on rumors and speculations” , so treat this as an unconfirmed rumor for now .

would you like a 2D prince of persia game ? it could be a nice idea but for the fans of the series (including me ) it’s going to be a bit disappointing that after all of this wait we’ll only have a 2D game and not the next-gen Prince game we’ve been wanting for ..

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