Sony abandons The Last Guardian trademark

Sony abandons The Last Guardian trademark

Update: Developing team at Sony confirmed again that the work on the game is still going and what happened was the result of a mistake by the office of US patent & trademarks. Reassuring fans that the development is still going and the game is yet to be canceled.

Original Story: Although the firm confirmed earlier last year that the work is still going on The Last Guardian but recently the trademark has been abandoned by Sony, which led to serious question about whether or not the PS4 exclusive is in fact canceled.

According to the US Patent & Trademarks office, Sony did not extend its The Last Guardian trademark as shown below:


Possibilities include Sony’s changing the name of the game or maybe it’s the same as when they previously abandoned the trademark and refilled it again later. One thing is for sure we will be very sad in case we didn’t get to see Team Ico’s latest creation after Shadow of The Colossus on PS2.

The Last Guardian was originally announced for PS3, but we knew last year that the development moved to PS4. Not a lot of information were released for this title but being able to play as a kid with a giant dog-like guardian.


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