History written and Surprises where hard to forget in The International 2017 semi-finals

History written and Surprises where hard to forget in The International 2017 semi-finals

The Dota 2‘s The International 2017 continues to amaze everyone by offering exciting and stressful games since the first moment of their big competition began.


Enthusiasm did not stop but also increased dramatically after we reached the stage of the finals of The International 2017, which enables two teams to reach them as the day shows the results of the last matches, as Gosugamers reported.

The first battle was with LGD Forever Young, who have not lost a game so far, and Newbee, who is waiting for his chance to hold the tournament again, so there is much at stake here. Footprint that will be left in the history of one of the most powerful electronic sports tournaments.

However, the surprise happened and it happened a lot today when the first match between them, the LGD Forever Young maintained its traditional style at first, but Newbee followed a completely new strategy and made Damien ‘kpii’ Chok control Axe for the first time by the team at the date of the release of the year of the tournament , Thus enabling Newbee to steal the first win in these matches.

The second game started with a protein similar to the one in the first game, but Newbee was tricked into following a style of play expected to be followed by LGD Forever Young, who gradually lost the game until it was lost at the end of the game and paid for a third game with a tense atmosphere.

We have come to the third and final game in the presence of routine routine of the previous games in the first and second, but the amendment of the team Newbee last was a surprise to the opponent to accept the balance of the battle, was determined to use the character of Shadow Fiend for the first time in all games during the tournament, The last victory in this competition and managed to maintain his presence and progress more towards the Cup of the championship.

Newbee is not the only team to shine in this tournament, but Team Liquid has been in a stunning performance since its participation. Now it has entered a strong competition with LGD Gaming, and the risk here is similar to the previous match. There is no room for complacency or complacency after all of them have reached the finals.

The first game between them took place with the quick superiority of LGD Gaming, and after about 17 minutes to start Team Liquid finally returned strongly to the course of the battle and after more than 30 minutes in this way was unable to match their opponent’s known Arabian player  Amer ‘ Miracle ‘Barqawi to finish the match for Team Liquid.

LGD Gaming tried to catch his breath in the second game but the psychological pressure was great as his last chance to maintain his presence in the tournament, and after many attempts at the beginning of the game to control it did not go more than 10 minutes before the deployment of Miracle control again and start a series of victories But the second game ended in favor of his team and thus simply identified the second player to the finals is undoubtedly Team Liquid.

The stage of The International 2017 finals is getting closer and closer to identifying the big winner in this world championship, and we await the results of another Team Liquid match against LGD Forever Young.

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