WESG 2017 first matches recap

WESG 2017 first matches recap

The WESG 2017 has already kicked off and the first results have started to surprise people with the huge fluctuations in the identity of the rising and falling teams.


The first day at WESG World Finals has come to a close with eight teams advancing to the second group stage from groups A, B, C, and E.

Group A saw MVP PK claim first place without much trouble, defeating Alpha Red, TeamOne, and subtLe after three comfortable matches. The Brazilian side around Pedro “Maluk3” Campos finished second with a 2-1 record in the round robin to join the Koreans in the second group stage.

In Group B, the two favorites GODSENT and AGO made it through. The Swedes won all three matches, with their faceoff on Overpass against Swole Patrol going to all 30 rounds.

Belgium and Wololos each secured two victories in Group C, against Parallax and ViCi. The two then met in the last round to decide first place, with Kévin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans’s squad prevailing over the Spaniards on Inferno.

Group E only featured two teams, EnVyUs and Bravado, as Ukraine and Viva Algeria dropped out last-minute. Claiming the high seed going into the second group stage, the Frenchmen decimated their only opponents.

Here are the final standings of the four groups that have been played out so far:

Group A Group B
1.  MVP PK 3-0     1.  GODSENT 3-0
2.  TeamOne 2-1 2.  AGO 2-1
3.  Alpha Red 1-2 3.  B.O.O.T-d[S] 1-2
4.  subtLe 0-3 4.  Swole Patrol 0-3
Group C Group E
1.  Belgium 3-0 1.  EnVyUs 1-0
2.  Wololos 2-1 2.  Bravado 0-1
3.  Parallax 1-2
4.  ViCi 0-3

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