Win 2 tickets for IGN Convention Dubai

Win 2 tickets for IGN Convention Dubai

Hey gamers


We’re so excited about IGN Convention Dubai  because we’re organizing Dota 2 tournament and first ever PES 2015 tournament as well 😉

And therefore we would like to give you our awesome fans a chance to be there in with us in the convention and have a chance to meet some of the greatest regional and international celebrities like:


So what you have to do is simple:

– Follow  eSports Middle East on Twitter
– Register in our website
– Reply in a comment here and tell us whats your favorite video-game of all time

You must be logged in when you write the comment ! otherwise we wont pick you bro.

Tickets available for Saturday 22 November.

Yalla guys… lets GO..



A Protoss and Tekken Fanatic Spend his childhood pocket money playing Gameboy, Sakhr 170, Atari 2600, Sega, NES ect.. His signature move in SC were to unload Protoss weavers from a shuttle near your base and attack your workers while his Archons melting your base. When it comes to playing Tekken, you may leave your joystick.. sitback relax.. and watch King or Heihachi smashing your hero all over the arena..

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