38 mins ago

    Egyptian Dota 2 team qualifies to WESG Grand Finals

    With the conclusion of the WESG World Championship qualifiers for Africa, here we are before the first Arab team to…
    2 days ago

    IESF announces participating nations in its 11th World Championship

    IESF has revealed that its 11th edition of the Esports World Championship will see the attendance of a large number…
    3 days ago

    OG enters CS: GO scene with some of the best players in the game

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams should be wary, as one of the top esports organization OG has finally announced its arrival…
    6 days ago

    PUBG Mobile is getting $5 million worth of competitions in 2020

    With the end of the 2019 PUBG Mobile competition, the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split World Championship, it’s…
    1 week ago

    Everything you need to know about the new champion Aphelios in League of Legends

    Riot’s revealed the newest upcoming champion Aphelios with pre-season update few days ago, but today we know everything about this…
    1 week ago

    New surprises in the upcoming Apex Legends update revealed

    It seems that fans of the famous Battle Royale game Apex Legends are about to get several surprises by next…
    2 weeks ago

    Team Secret returns to CS: GO scene after a long break

    Some might have thought that Team Secret quit to no return when it announced the separation of its CS: GO…
    2 weeks ago

    ex-Liquid stars reveal their new Dota 2 team at last

    The wait is finally over: Here’s our first look at the new organization that will feature the world’s best Dota…
    2 weeks ago

    Korean superteam wins PUBG Global Championship after great performance

    PUBG winners are once more Asians, with Korea’s best team Gen.G proving their ability to win against all of the…
    2 weeks ago

    Malaysian minister Syed Saddiq wants eSports to spread all over the country

    As esports continues to expand around the world, many governments have begun to formally adopt this future activity and provide…

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