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13 Years-old boy suffocates to death as a result of League of Legends loss

Recently published reports revealed that a 13 Years-old boy from Brazil had died Thursday morning after chocking himself as a result of a League of Legends loss.

“Gustavo Detter”, a boy that used to live in São Vicente died mere hours after being rushed to the hospital having chocked himself to death, accepting a bet his teammates made as a punishment for him being the reason his team lost the match. However, when one of his friends realized Gustavo lied in front of the webcam without a move he quickly called the boy’s cousin to alert him of the situation, but it was already too late.

Police in São Vicente are investigating the case. “The Chocking Game” is a trend that is spreading between League of Legends players as a method of punishment for the worst player in the team. We hope that some solution would surface to prevent this dangerous act from happening soon enough.

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