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A less violent version of PUBG Mobile has enemies waving goodbye when killed

We don’t know whether this is funny or sad, but the Chinese players have got a replacement for the popular PUBG Mobile game making it less violent. And when we say “less violent”, we mean that your enemies will bid you farewell when you “kill” them instead of being thrown on the ground as a cold corpse


The new version, which Tencent insists on being a “different game”, is called Game for Peace. As the name suggests, the game incites peace in every sense of the word. Despite its similarities to everything in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds including characters, weapons, and map, Game for Peace was launched as a different game to replace the original game, after the company decided to withdraw it from the Chinese market altogether.

The last few months have not been easy on Tencent in homeland China, which continues its war on all kinds of digital entertainment in a wave of violent, bloody and sexual censorship. Although Tencent took all necessary measures to make the game less violent to match Chinese government standards such as changing the color of blood to green, it was unable to satisfy the content control committees, ending up removing the game completely from Chinese stores.

Tencent’s inability to profit financially from the free PUBG Mobile game with disabled in-game purchases made it inevitable to shut down the game. However, Game for Peace has quickly topped digital downloads within days of its launch thanks to its friendly nature, and the narrative which states the game is a simulation of the training of the Chinese defense forces protecting the country’s borders (a novel will undoubtedly satisfy the Chinese government).

You can watch a Game for Peace match in the video below. It is currently only available in the Chinese market, but with more countries banning PUBG Mobile because of its violence and addictive nature like Iraq and parts of India, we may not have to wait long to see it in other global markets .

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