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Activision CEO: Call of Duty pros are “the most elite”

A statement made by Activision’s CEO sparks some discussions as he describes the pro players of Call of Duty as being “the most elite” in the competitive scene right now.

Starting next week September 2, Call of Duty XP event will be coming back bringing with it the epic conclusion to Call of Duty World Championship, a yearlong event that started earlier this year in January. 32 premier teams from across the world will compete in Los Angeles for their share of the $2 million prize pool, a record sum for a tournament that debuted back in 2013. CEO Eric Hirshberg of course had to reflect on the whole thing and talk about Esports side of Call of Duty.

“To give you an example of the kind of effect the creation of a global, yearlong league has done, our qualifying rounds this year were more viewed than our championship rounds last year. To put that into context, our championship rounds last year made Call of Duty the most viewed shooter on console,” he said. “They give you the momentum of a story: a beginning, middle and end. Those narratives are what fuel an interest in sports. People love watching the best players in the world play the game they love.”

As for the pros, Hirshberg descriped them as “the most elite” due to how well they adapt to each new iteration that adds layers of difficulty and change.

CoD fans are in for two releases this year with Infinite Warfare and ModernWarfare Remastered November 4.

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