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Ajax eSports makes huge changes to roster

A lot of changes happened recently inside the team of Ajax eSports , and of course to it’s CS:GO main roster for  the game event.


First of all Ajax eSports assured via twitter that player SlaySmile  has been moved to back up state in the main roster, with no clear reasons for this move.

However this could be to clear space for the new player coming from United States by the name Duncan “raz” Lee‏, theirs another player from the same country have joint the team Nick ‘alter’ Jackson .

Changes don’t stop here for the roster, as the team added yet another fresh blood fro Australia and he goes by the name Dylan ‘kyoto’ Brown  .

Final announcement is a huge man as Ajax eSports  revealed their new coach and it will be the famous young Canadian player  Keith “Seaside” LaFortune .



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