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Algerian Street Fighter V player “Big Bird” wins big at EGX 2019

NASR eSports Arab player “Big Bird” proved to be one of the best players on the global scene, with a fantastic win at the EGX 2019 European qualifiers which is one of the last events of the Capcom Pro Tour series



The Algerian Adel “Big Bird” Anoushe achieved a new victory in the competitive arena of SFV against the Norwegian Arman “Phenom” Hanjani in a strong finale where NASR’s player flexed his muscles with “Rashid”, showing an amazing performance making him inevitably the best Rashid main as of now.

The name ” Big Bird” shone in the skies of combat games this year with his achievement at EVO 2019 landing second place in the international tournament, where no one but the legendary Japanese Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi could defeat him after an honorable performance by the Arab player in the final.

According to Adel, such moments have made 2019 the best year for him competitively, ever since he entered the professional scene in 2012. The signing of the Algerian player with the UAE organization NASR eSports in 2017 played an important role in the player’s career, and he managed to give back to the organization by putting its name on the global scene.

“2019 has been my best year, competitively,” Anouche explained. “Second at EVO is something I’ve dreamt of ever since I started playing the game. I managed to achieve that, even though I should have… it was better if I won, but getting second is still no slouch, at EVO.”

With the upcoming Capcom Cup 2019, EGX’s Big Bird win puts him in an excellent position in the world rankings with 700 points for first place, making him the sixth seed in the international ranking  jumping from the ninth place. We wish the player all the best!


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