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Amazing performance by RRQ Athena crowns them with PUBG Mobile Star Challenge title

The Asian team that dazzled us over the last three days, RRQ Athena, was finally crowned with its deserved title, despite a near-total dominance of the third day competition by the Chinese opponent CPT in the most exciting PUBG Mobile tournament yet



The third and final day of the competition, which took place in the Festival Arena in the UAE, Dubai, saw the competition of the 20 teams in five decisive rounds that had their points added to what was achieved in the past two days. The perspective is TPP and map is Erangel, and winning is the ultimate goal.

The preview game played on the Sanhok map before the third day officially started was predicting the day’s upcoming competitions to some sort, as the Chinese team showed an unprecedented dominance in which they managed to beat all the other teams with an impressive teamwork. This strong performance continued to the official rounds of the tournament, specifically in the ninth and tenth rounds, where the team managed to win both of them in front of the Arab team Wildcards (second place round 9) and KWCD team (round 10).

Despite Wildcard reaching the top ranks of the list for Kills and managing to reach a high place in the ninth round, the overall performance of the Arab teams was unfortunately not enough to overcome the Asian teams power. GG_Gamers and Arab Madness had scored lowly, but they gave a good performance for their first participation in an event of this size.

Going back to the third day of the tournament, PUBG Mobile Star Challenge witnessed a strong clash by the top three teams RRQ Athena, CPT and LH.Douyu. As usual, points are given in two main ways: the ranking and the number of Kills, which has made the competition of these three teams fierce throughout the five matches played. Although Haryo, who finished last in a number of previous rounds, outperformed in the 11th round of the challenge to win, it did not mean a big loss of points to the teams at the top, with LH and RRQ both fourth and fifth respectively, While Wildcard again proved deserving of its name and surprised Arab viewers by coming third place.

All hopes have been put on the twelfth and final round of competition .. Or were they? In fact, the winner was almost certainly known before the start of the round even, as everyone was surprised by the huge difference between the top teams. RRQ Athena had an insane amount of points with a gap of 700 points separating it from the nearest team, the second-ranked CPT With a score of 4620 points, followed by LH with 4330.

The fight was really for the second place here, with RRQ doing well reaching the final 10 teams in the round. The competition between LH and CPT continued, but CPT continued to dominate the third day of the challenge to come first and win its third round of the day. Unfortunately, this was not enough to overthrow the Thai at RRQ Athena, who went to the podium with the highest number of points thanks to their high positions in all rounds and the large number of Kills that helped ensure their presence at the top.

The Thai team earned $200,000 for the first place and the cup of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018, CPT settled for $100,000 and LH.Douyu for a $50,000 prize, with the rest of the prize was distributed to other teams respectively.

You can watch the day 3 recorded stream below. Congrats to RRQ and best of luck to all other participants in future events!

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