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Angry Birds Epic by Rovio

The next Angry Birds game

Angry-Birds-Epic-Fighting - 1280 x 720
features Rovio’s now very recognizable birds and pigs, but dunking it out via
different in-game combat mechanics in a turn-based RPG.

angry-birds-epic-Warrior - 1024 x 1024

Angry Birds Epic makes its
debut in Australia and Canada later this week, for iOS devices, which the
time-tested way to see how you product works with a small, US-like
English-speaking audience ahead of a broader launch.

angry-bird-epic-battle-1600x 900

Unlike the physics-based Angry Birds franchise, which sees players flinging their birds at structures and evil pork, Epic features a story-driven campaign according to Kotaku, and it has the aforementioned turn-based combat system and RPG leveling, along with a crafting mechanic where you can build in-game items and armor by redeeming currency either earned through play or via (you guessed it) in-app purchase.

angry-bird-epic-loading-screen-2048 x 1537

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