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Announcing Africa & Middle East qualifiers for WESG

WESG middle east africa and turkey map

Starladder arrived to our region and now Its your time to shine !


Join now and play in Dubai!
Find your country in a list of regions on official web page.
Register and win up to 30,000 USD with your team and 12000 USD as solo player!
Total prize for Africa and Middle East more than 200,000 USD!
Registration: int.wesg.com
Make us proud guys .. your time is NOW !
Good luck


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A Protoss and Tekken Fanatic Spend his childhood pocket money playing Gameboy, Sakhr 170, Atari 2600, Sega, NES ect.. His signature move in SC were to unload Protoss weavers from a shuttle near your base and attack your workers while his Archons melting your base. When it comes to playing Tekken, you may leave your joystick.. sitback relax.. and watch King or Heihachi smashing your hero all over the arena..

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