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Apex Legends 1.2 update adds Legendary Hunt challenge and fixes bugs

Respawn Entertainment launched a new update for its beloved battle royale title Apex Legends initiating its first limited challenges, which will last for two weeks and give players the chance to win a number of cool Skins



The Legendary Hunt Challenge includes several tasks you need to do to get Skins for Bloodhound, G7 Scount and Triple Take, but that’s not all. For the first Pass Battle owners, they will celebrate the new challenge with a new Wraith costume had they reached Level 15, plus an awesome skin for R-301 rifle that you can get directly with your Battle Pass.

تحديات ابيكس ليجندز موسم ثاني Apex Legends wraith skin battle pass season two challenges

Legendary Hunt challenges:

  • Legendary Hunt Badge – Finish a match with Top 5 placement. This track tracks the number of matches you have finished at Top 5 and shows the longest string you have won without losing
  • Wolfpack G7 Scout – Finish a match with Top 5 placement
  • Master of the Hunt Bloodhound Skin- Reach Top 5 five times (consecutive or non-consecutive)
  • Legendary Tamed Beast Triple Take Skin- Win two matches (consecutive or non-consecutive)

As we see, the challenges do not seem very difficult, and many players may be able to end them in one day. This is not all that the update will offer. However, there are additional store-specific Skins that will be limited to the Legendary Hunt duration of purchase and will change every three days, so be sure to check the store constantly.

Two additional new additions are the Elite Queue, a custom mode for the top five teams per game, and Double XP running from June 7th to June 10th to help you upgrade your Battle Pass, in addition to giving all players a full Battle Pass every day when they get Top 5.

تحدي ابيكس ليجندز apex legends bloodhound legendary hunt

Moving on to the list of fixes and changes of Update 1.2, the most prominent are:

  • Fixes for Bonus Round, Teamwork, and Long Distance Kill Badge that do not track achievements correctly
  • Added more Loot to the Pit and Repulsor area and altered its placement in Thunderdome
  • Ability to ping jumping towers
  • Removed the exploit allowing multiple players in a squad to choose same legend
  • Removed the “exploit” that allowed using meds while Bunny Hopping
  • Caustic barrels can now be disabled by other team members
  • Improved G7 sway during motion
  • Improved game frames while using the ultimate Bloodhound ability
  • Added a delay of 0.5 seconds before you can re-attach to Zipline
  • Some fixes and various improvements to performance

You can start downloading the new update now via Origin, PS4 or Xbox One.

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