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Apex Legends new event focuses on everyone’s favorite Voidwalker Wraith

Players of Apex Legends are having a new event tomorrow, and here are the details that you need to know as well as a new trailer whose star is Wraith, the legend that we will learn more about during the new Voidwalker event



The LTM event will come with a new mode as well as a change to the Kings Canyon map, which has been constantly evolving since the introduction of the second season of the game. We will also be having some cool new skins and a double XP period.

Starting with the new mode, Voidwalker comes with “Armed and Dangerous” mode that puts players in an exciting competition by allowing them to fight using sniper rifles and shotguns only, while significantly reducing the loot rate to be the perfect mix for many fun and inevitably chaotic situations at the beginning of the match and fierce competition at the end.

As for the next change in the map, we will see the remnants of the so-called “Project: Wraith Facility”, a facility that witnessed the brutal tests on Wraith to turn it into what she is. Within this base you will find a functional portal that you can use to reach further locations. Fans will be delighted to learn that Respawn Entertainment has hidden several details of the game’s story at this facility, which will introduce us further to Wraith’s past and the game lore.

With the backlash caused by Iron Crown, there is no doubt that Respawn has learned from its mistakes this time, providing skins in a more decent manner with Voidwalker through two tiers: free and paid. You’ll get free skins by completing various challenges during the event while you can buy premium ones directly from the store at prices up to $ 5 USD.

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The new event will run from tomorrow till September 17, and will be accompanied with Double XP period from Friday September 6 to Monday. Apex Legends is available via PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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