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Aldawry CS:GO set to start strong with the full team list revealed

Tomorrow we will enjoy the pleasure of watching a new Arab Championship known as the Arab eSports after the official accounts were confirmed  the event to start on February 20.

The organizers have previously talked about the identity of some of the teams that have been able to reserve seats for themselves in future events, but now we have obtained a permit for the full list.

Eight Arab teams will participate in this tournament and we will inform you all of them in the full list below:

Naskr Risky from UAE
Limitless Team from Algeria
Hyper4mance team from Lebanon and Tunisia
BeastINSID3 Team from Iraq
AK Gaming from Tunisia
They Do not Know team from the UAE
Team AY5 from the Levant
NoHoleDonut team from Egypt

As for the details of these teams and their arrival in the main league, there were special qualifiers for the regions of Levant and North Africa during the 30 and 31 of January last, and managed AK Gaming to shine and hold a seat in the main event, despite losing to remain second in front of beastINSID3, which, of course, moved to the main event, thus robbing the two exclusive teams dedicated to the tournament.

The full table of matches and results were as follows:


beastINSID3 2AY5 0

AK GAMING 2 NoHoleDonut 0

beastINSID3 16 F3.AC 14

FennecArts 8 NoHoleDonut 16

AY5 16 Atlas Lions 11

Highsens 17 FennecArts 19

Flexability 14 beastINSID3 16

hypE 8 Atlas Lions 16

Horse 14 NoHoleDonut 16

Chosen5 10 AK GAMING 16

F3.AC 16 PAL #Elite 0

NavaL 3 AY5 16

Nothings 0 AK GAMING 1

vH 12 Chosen5 16

Highsens 16 Visiones Gaming 1


We are moving to the Gulf qualifiers, where only one team, They Do not Know, has qualified for the 2-0 win over zSolid. Unfortunately, there is only one seat reserved for the winner to participate in the main event. All qualifying matches below:

zSolid 0 They Do not Know 2

zSolid 19 F1rstWave 17

FearTheReaper 9 They Do not Know 16

Onliners 16 F1rstWave 19

zSolid 16 Triumph 8

DW 3 They Do not Know 16

shfnaklan 6 FearTheReaper 16

ProblemZ 10 F1rstWave 16

Triumph 16 Team Pressure 10

Q5 0 They Do not Know 1

Ho-Gaming 4 FearTheReaper 16


There was a last chance of zSolid to reach the main event, but the opportunity was stolen by AY5 and NoHoleDonut, making them the last to qualify.

The Arab eSports winners are expected to receive a $ 4,000 prize, which will be distributed as follows :

Winner of the first place: $ 2000.
Winner of the second place: $ 800.
Third place winner: $ 500.
Winner of the fourth place: $ 300.
Winner of the fifth to eighth place: $ 100.

You can always see the results of the upcoming matches and the identity of the winner from our site.

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