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Astralis dethroned by North American powerhouse following DreamHack

It seems that the Danish team’s domination over the field of competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene has come to an end, with the arrival of the North American team at the top, according to the classification HLTV



Team Liquid, the recent winner of DreamHack Masters Dallas after a great final with ENCE, has climbed the world rankings to the top with a score of 1,000 points with Astralis falling to second place with 758 points. The triumph of Liquid in the DreamHack was a key factor in reaching first place, having just 799 points versus 887 for Astralis in May.

It may also be due to the fact that Astralis did not participate in the last two events Liquid won, IEM Sydney and DreamHack Masters Dallas, where they chose to stay aside and watch. We can not say that the Danes are in a really difficult position, as they have shown us that they can reach the top whenever they want and control it, especially with their domination over the top spot from April last year to June 2019.

We haven’t seen any worthwhile participation of Astralis aside from just three global events this year within the BLAST Pro Series, which was the main cause of their loss of these important points keeping Liquid away from their goal. However, the American team’s performance is truly impressive, and they have continued to pursue the highest number of points through 2018 and they finally reached the top with the efforts of its outstanding players.

Will this be the beginning of the end of the Astralis era? We do not know for certain, but we will be waiting for the two teams to clash as soon as possible. Team Liquid has a great position to become the first North American team in history to dominate the HLTV rating if they continue with this performance to join the likes of Fnatic in 2015, SK Gaming in 2016 and Astralis 2018.

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