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Astralis ends the year in the best way possible with new win in Bahrain

Contrary to the predictions that the era of the best Danish team will end, it seems that Astralis is here to stay, as the distinguished team presented a stunning new performance that headed another important title this year in front of its archenemy Team Liquid, to prove again that it is the best in history

There is no doubt that the year 2018 was full of important victories for the Astralis team, and with some new teams going to the top for a short time like Liquid and Evil Geniuses we thought that the matter had ended for the most famous European squad, but the Danish team managed to maintain its strong performance most of the year despite Some losses to return and achieve a new title, which is the BLAST Pro Series, which was concluded in the sisterly Arab country of Bahrain.

The enthusiastic $ 500,000 prize final brought together Astralis and Team Liquid this year, as the North American team searched for revenge on the Danes in vain, with a clear lead in the match that continued for two maps – Inferno and Nuke.

Despite the convergence of the score on the Inferno map, the Danish team had the last say, as they managed to finish the round with a score of 11-11, to return again in Nuke to repeat its control thanks to the efforts of Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, the award for the best player (MVP) and his colleagues, to be able to Another win with a similar result of 12-12.

The new victory in BLAST Pro puts the Danish team at the top of CS: GO teams throughout history undisputedly, despite the emergence of several new challengers on the scene, proving that he still has enough strength and skill to stay on top of the highly competitive counter-strike square to conclude a new year of Achievements in the best possible way. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the competition will return to rage against Team Liquid, which the Danes themselves have described as their current strongest opponent. Let’s see what 2020 will offer us!

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