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Astralis execute revenge on their NA rival at last with Berlin Major quarter final win

The famous Danish team Astralis managed to finally breake the curse that followed them in 2019 with repeated losses to their rivals, the North American Team Liquid, who proved to be the undisputable best team this year. However, this quarter-finals elimination might shake up things a bit

Location: Berlin, Germany. Time: September 6. Tournament: StarLadder Major. Those were the details to be remembered by Astralis players who managed to turn the table around and get their revenge for their opponents Team Liquid, who took away the title of best CS: GO team from them after several defeats. Not anymore said Astralis, who taught Liquid a 2-0 lesson in the quarter-finals of the new Major.

Despite their disappointing defeat, Liquid had played a great game with some impressive instances, but Astralis’ strong emotions made them the victor on both Vertigo and Overpass.

The first map saw almost total control for the Danish team in the first half, but Liquid quickly returned to the fore in the second half for a brief period. However, the result gap was too big and it was too late to recover, with Nicolai “device” Reedtz and his teammates at Vertigo securing Vertigo 16-8, with the former player and his friend Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen alone getting 47 Kills.

Liquid players didn’t give up though, and again made an attempt at Overpass with an impressive performance which they achieved the first half 9-6. It was about to change though, as the Danes showed showed why the rest of the teams feared their T side, turning the match upside down to 16-13 thanks largely to Emil “Magisk” Reif, with 27-Kills.

With their defeat, Liquid could undoubtedly face the danger of losing their top spot, especially if Astralis wins this important tournament as they move closer to its grand final. Liquid’s reign took hold in the minds of many as they won their second major championship of the year at DreamHack Masters Dallas last June, but the Danes have broken that chain for now.

The Berlin Major semi-finals will prove to be inevitably interesting, with a number of upsets on the way to the semi-finals giving us a Top 4 without the usual names with Renegades, AVANGAR, and NRG who had ended NaVi’s dream of reaching the semi-finals.

So Renegades vs AVANGAR and Astralis vs NRG. Who shall prevail? We’ll know that tomorrow.

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