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Azubu launches new streaming platform Smashcast to compete with Twitch

The financially troubled Twitch competitor has launched another platform aimed at tackling the giant earlier this week, and it’s called Smashcast. Azubu’s latest is a combined enterprise between the company and another once a Twitch competitor, Hitbox, which Azubu acquired earlier this year.

The new Smashcast platform is set on becoming a “strong #2 competitor to Twitch and the largest independent esports broadcaster outside Asia,” according to the press release. However, even with stuff like viewer engagement feature “Hype-o-Meter” and a “state-of-the-art 4K-ready content production studio” in Vienna, Austria, it seems to be a lost fight.

Both companies appear to be in some financial woes recently, and Smashcast will need to rack in more than a combined monthly active user peak of 20 million in 2016, as Twitch averages about 10 million active users every day. There’s also some large names on the field with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all emerging as potential contenders on the livestreaming market.


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