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Azubu presents its new 4K 60 FPS livestream player

With a number of views exceeding 100 million every month on the famous streaming solution Twitch, competition needs more than just a few bells and whistles to stand out. Azubu is trying to do so by innovating in the player department to offer the best possible experience.

Few hours ago it was announced that a new player using HTML5 will be used in the website to stream 4K 60FPS videos with a consumption of CPU less than 80% of other players. In addition to offering the best possible quality the new Everest player has the ability to work on several platforms like web browsers in Android devices making it the perfect solution on the go.

“In the past, broadcasting live video across multiple platforms while maintaining high-resolution and frame rate consistency has been a serious challenge,” said Reed Anderson, the chief technology officer at Azubu, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “We set out to tackle this issue, as well as add many other features and enhancements to our new player. With Everest, I’m thrilled to say we’ve developed the most advanced esports video player in the world, giving broadcasters the tools to be both creative and optimize monetization, and viewers the most robust player available, completely tailored to the esports streaming experience.”

Azubu isn’t the first website to present 4K resolution in its streams as Hitbox did that before. However, it claims to be the most constant and most reliable yet as well as having many useful features like the ability to use DVR to capture moments from the streams you watch.

You can give it a go now right here.


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