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Battlefield 4 mistakes won’t repeat with Battlefield 1 and first DLC will be free

DICE shared two new details on the upcoming World War shooter Battlefield 1 that amazed us with its trailer couple of days ago. Apparently, the developers have the game’s stable launch as a priority so that the Battlefield 4 launch disaster would never happen again.

If you didn’t know previously about the problems with Battlefield 4, the game’s multiplayer was almost in a broken state when it launched and for a couple of months until it was fixed. This time, DICE learned from its mistake and the problems won’t occur again so that they can regain the fans’ trust again.

“We know it was a difficult launch. We’ve been working on this for a long time, We released Battlefront, which did really well. We’re pushing an open beta to ensure stability. We’ve taken a lot of learnings from that experience, and we feel like we succeeded with Battlefront. We’ll take everything we learned there and apply it to Battlefield One as well.” said DICE’s Daniel Berlin.

As for the additional content, Battlefield 4 was no stranger to paid maps and premium subscriptions. However, even though this might also be the case in here the company will give out one free DLC map after the game’s release to all players in an act of gaining respect. This reminds us of the time when CD Projekt RED released a bunch of free DLCs for The Witcher 3 last year.

Battlefield 1 releases this October on the 21st for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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